Hello! My name is Cynthia Paez Bowman.

I’m a writer, wife, mom and world traveler. I go everywhere with 2 daughters, a husband and sometimes a small rabbit. I spent years completely focused on balancing being a mom to my two daughters, running a thriving home furnishings retail business and practically living on a plane chasing fashion runways to cover the latest design trends for select magazines.

When I started this blog in 2014, I moved to Spain to STOP.

That’s STOP if it’s hard to read. I settled in to slow living and enjoying more time for my daughters. My journalistic side didn’t relax for long—I would blog everywhere and anywhere: a coffee shop, the back of a 500-year-old monastery where an errant monk occasionally comes out secretly for a cigarette, or wherever inspiration was found.

As my daughters became more independent in their new surroundings, I had more time to pursue my lifestyle, design and finance writing assignments. And if that wasn’t enough, I founded Grow and Tell Group, a selective, full-service digital marketing and public relations agency, to develop and grow brands I’m convinced have a voice that needs to be heard.

Now I live between the West Coast (Los Angeles and Las Vegas), San Sebastian and – the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa. That’s a whole other story (and a good one)…

I am here to be your guinea pig.

I will share my advice and my goofs. If you sometimes wonder if your life could be lived more joyfully, if it’s possible to enjoy more with less or to go for your dreams 100 percent, I am here to say yes you can to all of it! And show you how.

You are totally welcome to live vicariously through me but I prefer that you do something awesome with yourself and let me know about it. Awesome can be something small, because:

the joy is in the journey


-I was born and raised in Miami

-Yes that means I’m Cuban and my blood type is cortadito

-I’m married to an actual, real-life nomad like the ones you read about in stories

-I keep a stash of treats in the house to bribe my daughters when I’m too tired to reason with them

-I keep a stash of treats (chocolate) for myself in an unusual but convenient location (can’t say where, my kids or husband may be reading)

-Although I am a self-professed world traveler, I am TERRIFIED of turbulence

-I think the cheap Sangria in the cute plastic jug is fantastic (don’t tell Spain or my friends I have served it to!)

-I worked as a fashion stylist to top designers and movie stars for years

-I “borrowed” an ashtray from Donald Trump’s estate in Palm Beach during a party many years ago UPDATE – I wrote this in 2014. Who would have thought Trump would be president? I’ve got to dig out my old photo album of my days working with him and the fun Mar A Lago parties.

-I wish I had never seen Hotel Impossible.  I now unconsciously scan all public places for dirt, bugs, hair and stains

-I love to meditate yet tune in to the Real Housewives later. Keeping it real…

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