Hello!  My name is Cynthia Bowman.

I’m a writer, wife, mom and world traveler. I go everywhere with 2 daughters, a husband and a 14-year-old dog named Charli. I spent years completely focused on balancing a thriving home furnishings retail business and life on a plane chasing fashion runways for the latest trends as a fashion editor. Now I live in Spain and write freelance from everywhere: a coffee shop, the back of a 500 year old monastery where an errant monk occasionally comes out secretly for a cigarette, or wherever inspiration may be.

I am here to be your guinea pig. I will share my advice and my goofs. If you sometimes wonder if your life could be lived more joyfully, if it’s possible to enjoy more with less, or if you just need a mental daydream break at work when your boss is not paying attention, I am here to say yes you can and show you how! You are totally welcome to live vicariously through me but I prefer that you do something awesome with yourself and let me know about it. Awesome can be something small, because the joy is in the journey.


  • I was born and raised in Miami
  • Sheldon from Big Bang Theory is my hero
  • I think my dog Charli speaks to me and I often pass the messages she gives me to others
  • I keep a stash of treats in the house to bribe my daughters when I’m too tired to reason with them
  • I keep a stash of treats (chocolate) for myself in an unusual but convenient location (can’t say where, my kids or husband may be reading)
  • Although I am a self professed world traveler, I am TERRIFIED of turbulence
  • I think the cheap Sangria in the cute plastic jug is fantastic (don’t tell Spain or my friends I have served it to!)
  • I worked as a fashion stylist to top designers and movie stars for years
  • I “borrowed” an ash tray from Donald Trump’s estate in Palm Beach during a party many years ago
  • I am a recovering member of the PBP Club (paralyzed by perfectionism)
  • I wish I had never seen Hotel Impossible.  I now unconsciously scan all public places for dirt, bugs, hair and stains
  • I love to meditate yet tune in to the Real Housewives later

    The Bowman 5.  Verbier, Switzerland
    The Bowman 5  Verbier, Switzerland

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