the breakfast travel kit: don’t leave home without one!

How many times have you been on a trip, snug in your hotel room bed when you hear, “Mommy, I’m hungry!” In our family, it always happens at 5 in the morning. There are 2 options: get everyone up and dressed to go find somewhere to eat, or send a tired gopher (usually dad) to root out the closest breakfast food alternative at the ungodly hour.

Those days are over, thanks to our Bowman Family Breakfast Travel Kit.

If we are traveling overnight or longer, I pack a small bag with plastic bowls, spoons, a box of my kid’s favorite cereal and milk. Sometimes I dress up the breakfast kit by adding dried fruit, nuts and bananas in the bag.

breakfast travel kitThere is a secret to traveling with milk. Purchase the tetra packs that don’t need refrigeration. Even better, pack the snack size individual milk packs. Since refrigeration is often not an option, a single serving size is all you need for a bowl or two of milk, without wasting an entire liter.

The girls can wake up early now, make themselves a bowl of cereal and watch early morning cartoons while mom and dad sleep. It is easy to rinse the items off in the bathroom sink for later use.

We often opt, as a family, to have cereal in our cute little plastic bowls, in bed, instead of the greasy diner-style breakfast or very expensive buffet.

This breakfast kit is also great when kids are hungry late at night and everything is closed. And it’s a lot cheaper than room service!


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