christmas in scotland: the plan

Christmas in Scotland

Christmas in ScotlandDreams of Christmas in Scotland will be a reality this year! I have always wanted to spend a white Christmas in a historic old stone house in the countryside by a cozy fireplace with my family. I’ve been reading endless travel books to plan our Christmas in Scotland. We have set 3 weeks aside for our trip so that we can do a family road trip that includes our dog, Charli, through France, the UK and Ireland. Pet quarantines are not mandatory any longer. If you will be traveling to the UK with your pet, make sure your pet’s paperwork is in order! I have written a detailed post about your pet’s passport here.

The rough plan so far:

  • Day 1: Drive from Northern Spain for early lunch and some time in Bordeaux (2.5 hrs drive).  Continue to the Paris area and spend the night (4 hrs drive).
  • Day 2: Drive to Calais (3 hrs) to catch the early “Chunnel” into England (35 minutes).
  • Spend the day heading north with a possible stop in Cambridge (2 1/2 hrs drive) and spend the evening/night in York (2 1/2 hrs drive from Cambridge).
  • Day 3 Spend the following day driving into our rental location in Central Scotland (5 hrs).
  • Spend our Christmas in Scotland week in a lovely rental house in Central Scotland, located 1 – 2 driving hours max from 3 or 4 places in Scotland we wish to visit.
  • Relax at the location, take hikes and visit the local shops and pubs.
  • Explore Edinburgh and some castles in the area for a day (45 min drive).
  • Explore Inverness or a select drive in the Highlands area another day (2 hr drive).
  • Explore the Whiskey region near Aberdeen for a day (2 hr drive).
  • Day 10: Set out and catch a ferry into Northern Ireland.
  • Day 10-14 roadtripping and exploring select parts of Ireland, heading South
  • Day 14 Catch ferry into Pembroke Wales (4 hr ferry)
  • Spend night in Wales
  • Day 15 Drive to London for New Year’s (4 hours)
  • Spend 2-3 days in London
  • Take chunnel, drive through France and arrive home
Christmas in Scotland
photo: ©Alex Templeton, Jackal Images

Driving is the least expensive way for a family of 4 to travel and gives you the flexibility to venture to other places easiest.

Our Christmas in Scotland requires lots of driving, but with some good planning, it’s not bad at all! We always plan stops that include nice walks and good food. While driving, there is plenty of entertainment in the car for the kids. It is also important that we spend at least 2-3 days in one place every 2-3 days, for our sanity. Often, the drive is scenic and entertaining on its own and the hours go by quickly. I leave a loose day or two in our plans, just in case we like a place more than we expected to. The Christmas week we spend in Scotland will give us plenty of time to rest and be ready for the end adventure through Ireland and England.

I will update this post as we firm up our destinations.


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