to each their own glass


A good way to keep the kitchen clutter to a minimum is to assign drink family glasses to each member. Now that we no longer own a dishwasher, this becomes even more important!

One of the Bowman house rules is that we rinse and reuse our own drinking glasses instead of grabbing a new one each time. Before this rule, I noticed we would wash more than 10 glasses for 4 people every day! Our eight year old is surprisingly the most consistent with this rule and does a great job keeping her glass handy and clean.

With assigned family glasses, we need fewer glasses and take less time cleaning up.

Surprisingly, everyone seems to drink more water now that they have a glass always available. I have encouraged drinking more by keeping a pitcher of water on the counter near the glasses. The desperate “Mom! I’m thirsty!” cries are gone.

These cheerful family glasses are by Mary and Shelly Klein and are $12 each at Uncommon Goods.  We often get giggles out of assigning each one of us a new persona. My husband is currently assigned “the baby” glass. The kids have voted that I am being bossy this week so I get to use the daddy pants man glass.

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