husband as copilot on road trip: you are breaking the car!

husband and wife road tripAs I shared with you in a previous post, when road tripping through certain busy cities like New York, Paris, most of Asia and Italy, a husband as copilot can be valuable.

Brad and I gear up like Rally Car drivers, always have a double shot of espresso, strap the kids in tightly and give ourselves a good fistpump and maybe a headslam into the dashboard to prep, commando style, for navigation of the mean streets.

Recently I found this video of beautiful dashboard footage of a rally car driver with his copilot.  I felt oddly at home as Sammy the driver, with Brad barking directions at me much like the co pilot does to Sammy. Watch this video now, imagining us in our respective roles. Or perhaps this is awfully familiar to you too? Heck, down to Sammy uttering “Shut UP!” at the end to his copilot was pretty spot on. Ladies, we are not alone…

husband as copilot


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