the young and the restless: 3 apps that get your kid to sleep


Kids may have stages in their life where they just can’t relax or sleep easily. Growth spurts, changes, lack of outdoor time in winter, stress and excitement are some of the main causes. Routine, fresh air and support can get them through the restless periods.

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When there is trouble at bedtime, I use these 3 free apps for iPhone or iPad to get my kid to sleep:

naturespace for kid sleep

1. Naturespace by Holographic Audio

The company name says it all. Impeccable “3D” nature loops that can run as long as you would like them to. You can set a sleep timer in the app for how long the track should run. Naturespace comes with 6 free audios including birds, rainstorms, crashing waves and river sounds. You could buy new additions for just a few bucks. The Legend of Nikola Tesla is worth the purchase. It’s a dramatic storm complete with rain and heavy thunder. Don’t play it too loud or it can be scary for a child.

Naturespace track descriptions are luscious. The track, Riverwind Dreaming, starts with this: “Focus on the height of the wind in the trees, in contrast to the height of the water flows…” and “Focus on the natural sounds, divert attention from the tonalities, which are there to stimulate the subconscious.”

If you are a true sound purist (and may become one after listening), invest in a good set of headphones. The sound depth is incredible. The app has an option that will optimize listening for your standard Apple earbuds or better quality headset. For more information, visit their website here.

barefoot books for kids sleep

2. Barefoot Books Podcast

Use the free Podcast app to hear these great stories. Barefoot Books offers audio stories geared towards younger kids who enjoy listening to classic stories and fairy tales from around the world. There are currently over 100 stories available for free, each running between 10 and 25 minutes long. The narrators are animated and engaging. Each story starts and ends with the Barefoot Books signature flute theme song, which is a helpful “the end” cue. They offer a great selection of books, cds and more on their website here.


meditation oasis for kid sleep3. Meditation Oasis Podcast

You can purchase the app for $2.99, or listen to the 50 meditations available for free through the Podcast app. One night, my 8 year old asked, “Mommy, play the lady with the beautiful voice for me.” This request started the bedtime love affair with Meditation Oasis. A special “Sleep Meditation for Children” runs 15 minutes. Your kids may also enjoy the Nature Attunement selection. The guiding voice and music are both gentle. Meditation Oasis has taught my kids to relax, breathe and follow some of the meditation steps independently. More information on their guided meditations and tutorials on how to meditate are available at their website here.

Next time your child needs a little sleep help, try one of these apps. You may find them a useful addition to your kid’s nighttime routine.


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