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Uma Thurman got lots of flack this week for looking like this:

Source: Getty / Robin Marchant

I sympathize! She is a gorgeous woman. I understand what she wanted to do: a cleaner, fresher, naked look. What went wrong is that we women need a little extra help around the eye area as we age. Eye shadow, concealer, highlighter, mascara and liner tend to soften and accent our eyes nicely, but it’s a lot of work to get all gussied up and smoky-eyed.

It doesn’t help that Uma’s face is pointing down in the photo, which makes under eye bags more obvious. Holding her head a little higher and more regally could have helped.

I like to look pretty natural myself. I luckily don’t have to deal with fashion critics, red carpets or 2-3 hours of full airbrushed makeup sessions like most artists do.

[bctt tweet=”I’ve learned that looking natural in my 40s doesn’t mean literally being natural.”]

duwopMy secret to looking more natural is my lazy girl concealer.

The Duwop Surface Concealer costs about $20 and comes in great shades for all exotic and fair skin tones. It’s the best concealer! Creamy, with the consistency of lipstick, it is perfect to fight a dry, cake-y undereye area. I paint it on from the corner of the inner eye  to about two thirds of the way out. I then use my finger to pat it down and blend it better. Done in about 20 seconds!

That may be all I use sometimes but it does make a big difference in how I look.

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