do you have a signature beauty product? is about simplifying your life to make space, money and time for the things that make you happy. Two of my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions were to cut my spending on expensive creams, potions and “stuff” and secondly, clear out my cluttered medicine cabinet. Note that this post covers beauty products. I am not even tackling the makeup drawer yet. A girl can only do so much.

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I have always lived for fashion, beauty and cosmetics. Combine that with the “latest technology” and I am like putty in the hands of the Sephora sales girl. I am a sucker for the most exotic seaweed, some fancy laser light you flash on your face, product that feels like you just poured acid into your pores (must be working!) and the accompanying bright green gel you need to apply to soften the red blotches of burning skin.

Some of the skin routines I have tried over the years were good, but considering I sometimes spent $200 for an ounce or two of product, I just didn’t see enough change to merit such a huge expense. Seeing the forgotten money spent in the cabinet was painful. And when reading the labels of some of these items, many contained pure, age-old, natural ingredients, at a high cost.

The medicine cabinet beauty product purge wasn’t as hard as I expected. As I went through the shelves, I noticed that I only use a handful of things in that black hole of beauty buys gone wrong. The favorite of the items was a spare $10 bar of Pre de Provence Shea Butter and Argan Oil Soap that used to sell out weekly at my old retail store. The soap smells nice and feels good and creamy on my skin. It is simple, luxurious and not too pricey. When I was done sorting, I looked at what was left and had a good think. With the big changes I created for 2014, it was time to go zen with my beauty habits.

2014 was the year of going to the pure source of things. I started by finding my signature natural beauty products.

I would do as my great-grandmother with the gorgeous, plump, dewy skin did. Use items that are natural, easy to find, multipurpose and affordable. Great-grandma Tita’s signature natural beauty product was extra virgin olive oil. She mixed it with rose essential oil for that yummy signature grandma smell, even before she was a grandma! She used the olive oil on her skin, scalp and hair. To prove the point that olive oil was an elixir from heaven, she would sometimes take the oil she was cooking with and dab some on her neck or decolettage for dramatic effect. “A little for the food and a little for me!” Tita was naughty and ahead of her time.

Going back to that really nice soap in my medicine cabinet, I researched its key ingredients of shea butter and argan oil. Both are wonderful, natural, beauty products. Although my hair loved it, the shea butter was too heavy for my skin. In the end, my signature go-to product became argan oil. A year later I can confidently report that my skin and hair respond well to it. My teenage daughter loves it. I buy a nice high quality pure oil for about $20 for 4 ounces at a health food store. I have many uses for it. You can read about my argan oil uses here.

While doing this beauty product purge I learned that beauty can be simple and affordable. There are many pure ingredients available to you as natural beauty products. I managed to cut costs, live with better ingredients, eliminate clutter and save time in my routine. Have you discovered your signature natural beauty product?


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