Brittani Kollar

International Training Manager, MediaWise


Brittani Kollar manages international initiatives for Poynter’s MediaWise. Partnering with stakeholders in Brazil, France, Spain and Turkey, she oversaw the launch of microlearning media literacy courses and intervention research studies. Through the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Brittani traveled around India supporting the Bureau’s programs focused on countering disinformation in the media. In this capacity, she taught journalists and journalism students fact-checking and media literacy tools and techniques.

Brittani joined The Poynter Institute following a 13-year career at CNN. Her first several years were spent on the affiliate news desk covering international news while partnering with CNN’s global partners on daily and breaking news coverage. In her most recent role, she co-managed CNN’s various training initiatives targeting international affiliates and universities. In 2018, Brittani hosted former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn during their visit to CNN Center.

Brittani graduated from the University of West Georgia with a master’s in public administration. Her thesis focused on the European Union’s global influence. Brittani also graduated from the University of Georgia where she earned her bachelor’s in journalism and telecommunication arts from the Grady School of Journalism.

Brittani is based in Atlanta, Georgia.