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“We can’t have a democracy as we know it without a free press, and that’s why Poynter is so important.”

– Bob Schieffer
Former CBS News Anchor and Host of ‘Face the Nation’

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When unpopular facts are dismissed as “fake news” and misinformation campaigns go viral, it’s almost impossible for you to know who to trust and what information is true.

A free and independent press, enshrined in the foundations of American democracy, is an antidote to this epidemic. But it is under attack and under strain.

Poynter addresses these issues directly by helping provide you with ethical, fact-based journalism you rely on every day to navigate your world. Our programs include:

  • Teaching 50,000 journalists, students and educators worldwide each year the vital skills they need to practice ethical journalism.
  • Fact-checking pundits and political leaders to hold them accountable for reporting information you can trust.
  • Bringing prominent journalists into communities to improve understanding of important issues and build trust between citizens and the news media.

“It’s just so hard to separate who I am as a reporter from what Poynter has done for me. Supporting teaching institutions like Poynter, you can have an impact. By changing the journalist, you can change the world.”
— Alexandra Zayas, award-winning investigative reporter and senior editor at ProPublica

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