As International Fact-Checking Day kicks off at MediaWise, we’re confronting another year plagued with 😱 misinformation. Elections are taking place around the world — the U.S. presidential race is already picking up — and we continue to grapple with climate change, civil rights, authoritarianism and other topics driven by falsehoods. A recent Poynter and MediaWise study 👀 showed global citizens are concerned about misinformation — but may lack the skills to spot it themselves.

MediaWise invites you to join fact-checkers around the world and 💪 fight back. These digital media literacy resources turn you into your own fact-checker — on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook — anywhere misinformation lives. We celebrate facts every day. Now you can too.


  • Kathleen Tobin
    Youth Programming Manager, MediaWise
    Kathleen Tobin manages the Teen Fact-Checking Network, a group of teens from throughout the United States who produce fact-check videos for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram...
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  • Laura Duclos
    Audience Engagement Editor, MediaWise
    Laura is a future-focused multimedia journalist with experience from Houston to 30 Rock. Along with keeping her thumb on the pulse of what’s trending, she...
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  • Salvador Rodriguez-Ruiz
    Program Officer, MediaWise
    Salvador Rodriguez-Ruiz is Program Officer at MediaWise. Previously, he worked as a leader in multiple campaigns focusing on Spanish language outreach and partnering with Hispanic...
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  • Brittani Kollar
    International Training Manager, MediaWise
    Brittani Kollar manages international initiatives for Poynter’s MediaWise. Partnering with stakeholders in Brazil, France, Spain and Turkey, she oversaw the launch of microlearning media literacy...
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  • Vanya Tsvetkova
    Interactive Learning Designer, MediaWise
    Vanya Tsvetkova develops curricula in various formats to teach fact-checking and digital media literacy skills to audiences of all ages in the U.S. and abroad....
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  • Alex Mahadevan
    Director, MediaWise
    Alex Mahadevan is the Director of the MediaWise project. Alex was most recently the Program Manager of MediaWise. Prior to joining the staff at Poynter,...
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